Tips to Finding the Best Gaming Monitor

There’s no way to get around it: computer hardware is crucial to anyone’s gaming experience, whether you are a hardcore PC gaming enthusiast or more of a casual dabbler. Gaming is a largely audiovisual experience, and is affected significantly on how well the graphics play out on your monitor. Because let’s face it: there are monitors, and then there are gaming monitors. Investing in the best gaming monitor—you can check out the ones on—will be a worthwhile endeavor, especially when you think long-term.

The best gaming monitor depends on your preferences, but should be powerful and versatile enough to handle high quality, fast-paced demands of racing, first-person shooter, sports, and other types of games. Most people tend to focus on getting the fastest gaming PC, and skimp on the visuals, but the two should go hand in hand in your considerations.

Below are useful tips to choosing the best gaming monitor. You can visit to see some more gaming monitors.

How to Find the Best Monitor For Gaming

Go big on panel size and resolution

Look for gaming monitors that give your eyes plenty of real estate. There are monitors on the market that offer Full High-Definition (FHD) features, with a maximum resolution of 1920p by 1080p. If you’d like to splurge on the extra inches and increased image sharpness, go for Quad High-Definition (WQHD) monitors, whose resolutions can go up to 2560p by 1440p. In case space is an issue, invest in a solid 24-inch screen that sports 1920p by 1080p, but can fit easily on your desk.

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Check pixel response and refresh rate

It’s not enough that your monitor has a high resolution; make sure that the pixel response of your monitor is high. Pixel response is measured in “gray-to-gray” which is equivalent to the number of milliseconds that a pixel changes from one shade of gray to the other. The absolute ideal gray-to-gray measurement for pixel response is two milliseconds. Look for a monitor that goes no higher than a four millisecond gray-to-gray. Refresh rate, on the other hand, is the time per second (measured in Hertz) that it takes to rearrange or redraw the screen. If you’re serious about quick moving images with no blur or lag, go for monitors that are at least a 120 Hz refresh rate.

Look for diverse video input

Whether you’re mostly a PC gamer or like to use other consoles, like the Xbox One or Nintendo PS4, a gaming monitor with diverse video input is a great way to maximize your value for money. Look for a monitor that also has dual HDMI ports and USB ports for extra connectivity to controllers, mice, hard drives, and other peripheral accessories. If you have powerful graphics cards installed, choose a monitor that can take the most advantage with DVI connectivity and DisplayPort. A place to plug speakers in is a good plus as well.

How much will the best gaming monitor cost?

The price of your gaming monitor depends on the combination of features you choose. Resolution, screen estate, pixel response and refresh rate, and video input all factor into the price. Some monitors can run up to $1000, although there are available units with modest pixel response at just under $200—it all depends on what you’re willing to spend on.

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